Synthetic Coatings Ltd Specialise in Industrial Teflon, non-stick and high temperature resistant coatings for industry and industrial applications in Ireland

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Industry Sector
Description of part to be coated
Part Name
Name of unit the part belongs to
Part Origin
Part Function
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Is the technical drawing of the part available for reference Yes No
Part Material Steel Aluminium
  Alloy Copper
Part is in direct contact with (please specify)  
Other Metal
Operation Temperatures  
Maximum Intermittent
Part Value
Surface Coating Requirements
Food Acceptability Yes No
What sort of a technical problem do you expect to solve by using surface coating treatment
What is the current surface state of the part to considered for treatment No Surface Treatment Applied Paint Coated
Galvanised Other Surface Treatment
Please tick preferable properties of coating to be applied Abrasion Resistance
Wear Resistance
Acids Resistance
Alkalis Resistance
Solvent Resistance
Salt Water Resistance
Resistance to other chemicals
Non-Stick Properties
Easy Cleaning
Low Coefficient of Friction
High Temperature Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Radiation Resistance
Biological Build-up Resistance
Anti-Bacterial Properties
Electrostatic Charge insulation
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Dimensions of the area to be coated
Coating Thickness
Colour Required
Cure Temperatures allowed for the part. From 180°C to 240°C  
From 240°C to 320°C  
From 320°C to 400°C  
Is it possible to gritblast the part Yes   No
Other Requirements.
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