Synthetic Coatings Ltd Specialise in Industrial Teflon, non-stick and high temperature resistant coatings for industry and industrial applications in Ireland

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Tooling & Moulding

Moulding applications for Teflon Coatings

Cox Engineering and Coatings understand the problems that moulding and tooling companies face on a day to day basis. Whether your moulding product in low or high gloss, painted or colour-moulded our coatings for injection, compression, blow moulding and thermoforming is unsurpassed. For welding and sealing technology we lower cycle times and improve the quality, performance and appearance of your products.

Some other advantages of using fluoropolymer coatings on moulds are:-

  • Better release properties than release agents
  • Eliminate tool wear
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Consistent part quality every time
  • Low or high gloss
  • Reduce or eliminate knitting lines
  • Reduce press tonnage


Click here for more information on the properties of Teflon© coatings.
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