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The variety of Teflon© industrial coatings is extensive, and for any particular use there may be several Teflon© cotaings that will perform well. Below are some of the properties or our coatings:

Non-stick Properties of Teflon Coatings in Ireland Very few substances will permanently adhere to a Teflon© coated finish. Although tacky materials may show some adhesion, almost all substances release easily.
Low Coefficient of Friction
Low Friction Properties of Teflon Coatings in Ireland The coefficeint of friction of Teflon© is generally in the range of 0.05 ti 0.20, depending on the load, sliding speed and particular Teflon© coating used.
Non-Wetting Properties of Teflon Coatings in Ireland Since surfaces coated with Teflon© are both oleophobic and hydrophobic, the are not readily wett. Clean-up is easier and more thorough - in many cases, surfaces are self-cleaning.
Heat Resistance
Heat Resitant of Teflon Coatings in Ireland Teflon© industrial coatings can operate continuously at temperatures of up to 260°C/500°F and can be used for intermittent service up to 316°C/600°F with adequate ventilation.
Unique Electrical Properties
Electrical of Teflon Coatings in Ireland

Over a wide range of frequencies, Teflon© has high dielectric strength, low diss1pation factor and very high surface resistivity. By special techniques, it can even be made electroconductive enough to be used as an anti-static coating.

Cryogenic Stability
Cyogenic Stability of Teflon Coatings in Ireland

Many Teflon© industrial coatings withstand severe temperature extremes without loss of physical properties. Teflon© industrial coatings may be used at temperatures as low as -270°C/-454°F;.

Chemical Resistance
Chemical Resistance Properties of Teflon Coatings in Ireland

Teflon© is normally unaffected by chemical environments. The only chemicals to affect all Teflon© industrial coatings are molten alkali metals and highly reactive fluorinating agents.

Thanks to a variety of coating types, the unique properties of Teflon© industrial coatings can become an integral surface component on any kind of part - from clutches that engage easier and valves that resist wear to coil springs that become silent. With proper equipment, Teflon© industrial coatings can even be appllied to specific areas of complex geometric parts, such as the internal threads of a nut.

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