Synthetic Coatings Ltd Specialise in Industrial Teflon, non-stick and high temperature resistant coatings for industry and industrial applications in Ireland

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Medical & Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare Protective Coatings

Cox Engineering & Coatings is positioned to meet the most advanced health manufacturing system requirements in the world today!

We will participate with your design and engineering team in the product development process; we have the ability to fabricate your engineered device or tooling needed with integrated coatings, and provide product supply to your manufacturing requirements and plants. This end-to-end solution management is provided to many customers and usually for a cost less than they can manage themselves.

Precision fluoropolymer thin film coatings can now be applied with no overspray or high build-up in tight dimensions. This high purity process using low temperature deposition results in a product of superior quality and versatility.

These coatings can also be customised to incorporate layers of metallic coatings and ceramic coatings in a layered composite structure to suit specific applications from hygienic care products like toothpaste, cologne, shampoo, soap, adhesive bandages, feminine products & grooming devices, pill pressing, capsule or drug filling; we'll work with your staff to develop a solution right for you.

  • Extreme Hardness
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Thermal Stability
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Excellent Release Properties
  • Excellent non-stick and non-wetting properties
  • Anti Microbial
  • Lower Friction
Click here for more information on the properties of Teflon© coatings.
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