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Thermal Spray

Thermal Spray Process

Thermal spray coating involves the use of a torch to heat a material, in powder or wire form, to a molten or near-molten state, and the use of a gas to propel the material to the target substrate, creating a completely new surface. The coating material may be a single element, alloy or compound with unique physical properties that are, in most cases, achievable only through the thermal spray process.

Thermal spray coatings are a highly cost-effective and straight-forward method for adding superior properties and performance qualities to a given engineering surface. The variety of products and coatings that can be enhanced by thermal spray are virtually limitless. The coatings are usually metallic, ceramic, carbides, or a combination of these materials to meet a range of physical criteria.



Thermal Spray Wire


Hardness and Bond Strength

Typical Characteristics and Applications


37 Rb
7324 PSI

Electric conductivity;
Copper reclamation;
Used as alternate to copper plating


14-36 Rb
5496 PSI

Abrasion resistance;
Excellent adhesion to steel;
Excellent in molten metal environment in inert atmospheres

Carbon Steel

97-100 Rb
5700 PSI

Dimensional restoration of mismachined and worn parts

Tungsten Carbide

52 Rc
6700 PSI

Excellent bond strength;
Abrasion resistance;
Dredge cutter blades




Wear Resistance

Adhesive Wear

Bearings, piston rings, hydraulic press sleeves

Chrome Oxide, Babbit, Carbon Steel

Abrasive Wear

Guide bars, pump seals, concrete mixer screws

Tungsten Carbide, Alumina/Titania, Steel

Surface Fatigue

Dead centers, cam followers, fan blades (jet engines), wear rings (land based turbines)

Tungsten Carbide, Copper/Nickel/Indium Alloy, Chrome Carbide


Slurry pumps, exhaust fans, dust collectors

Tungsten Carbide, Stellite

Heat Resistance

Burner cans/baskets (gas turbines), exhaust ducts

Partially Stabilized Zirconia

Oxidation Resistance

Exhaust mufflers, heat treating fixtures, exhaust valve stems

Aluminum, Nickel/Chrome Alloy, Hastelloy

Corrosion Resistance

Pump parts, storage tanks, food handling equipment

Stainless Steel (316), Aluminum, Inconel, Hastelloy

Electrical Conductivity

Electrical contacts, ground connectors


Electrical Resistance

Insulation for heater tubes, soldering tips


Restoration of Dim.

Printing rolls, undersize bearings

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

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