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Combustion Wire Spray

Wire spray coating in process

 Process Description
The Combustion Wire Spray process employs a set of drive rolls powered by an air turbine or an electric motor to draw a metal alloy wire through the combustion spray gun. At the gun nozzle, fuel gas of acetylene, propane, hydrogen or MAPP is mixed with oxygen in precise volumetric proportions using a siphon plug and ignited to create a flame, which is then shaped at the gun’s air cap by compressed air. The metal wire is fed concentrically into the flame, melted and atomized by the compressed air, and the molten droplets are propelled towards a prepared surface where they solidify and bond to the substrate to form a coating.


Combustion wire spray is a common choice for machine element repair and corrosion coatings. Either hard (higher melt temperature) or soft (lower melt temperature) wires can be used.

Key components of combustion wire spray system

Features of the Combustion Wire Spray Process:

  • Applies a range of metallic alloys and pure metals for restoration, corrosion coatings and other purposes
  • Configurations from economical manual systems to fully automated production systems are available
  • Can be portable for on-site coatings
  • High spray rates with low gas consumption
  • Coatings can be machined to final dimensions and finish
  • Masking of areas that should not be coated is possible
  • Coating of internal geometries is possible
  • Very simple to operate and maintain


 Common materials Sprayed:

  • Zinc and aluminium for anti-corrosion cathodic coatings on steel

  • Nickel/aluminium composite wire for bond coats and self-bonding coatings

  • Molybdenum for bond coats

  • Molybdenum for hard bearing applications, excellent resistance to adhesive wear, used on piston rings, syncromesh cones and journals.

  • High Chromium steel for many applications requiring hard and wear resistant coating

  • Bronzes, babbitt for bearing applications

  • Stainless steels, nickel and monel for anti-corrosion and wear

  • Aluminium, nickel/aluminium for heat and oxidation resistance

 Process Advantages:

  • Low capital investment

  • Simple to operate

  • Wire form cheaper than powder

  • Deposit efficiency very high

  • Possibly still best for applying pure molybdenum coatings for wear resistance.

  • Portable system

  • Preheating facility built in, unlike arc spraying

  • Possible to use system in areas without electricity supply


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